May 30, 2015 by Mark


Arboles, CO. Rapid progress has been achieved on the restoration of the Society’s two D&RGW Stock Cars, 5564 and 5627. In the space of four weeks volunteers have stripped off the roofs, side and end plates together with any other woodwork which was beyond repair from both cars. Replacement plates, purlins, carline inserts, running boards and fascia boards together with other parts have been fabricated by San Jan Timberwrights and sealed by volunteers. The cars were moved indoors and the end and side plates were installed by San Juan Timberwrights carpenters. DRHS volunteers sealed the exterior surface of both cars.

The roofs of both cars have have been replaced with new wood boards and fascias and work has started to replace the missing side slats. As ever, the Society is committed to retaining as much of the original wood as feasible so work has started to make repairs to the original wood by treating and filling.

Sound wood will be treated and filled, here the sills are being worked on.

The next stage is to continue to preserve the old wood and prepare to move the cars out into the open for final assembly, painting and lettering.Work sessions on the cars will take place starting 18th May 2015. The two Stock cars are one of a number of projects currently in hand by the DRHS. Grants totaling almost $85,000.00 from the Colorado Historical Fund have made this project possible but as the funding only stretches to 75% of the cost, donations are urgently required. Once completed the Stock cars will be transported to Silverton for display alongside the Society’s other freight cars and D&RGW locomotive #315. Please visit the Home page for details of how you can help.

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