When we received Emma Sweeny in 2011, it was missing many parts and had some that were not right for it, such as the headlight and smoke stack.

Besides our usual volunteers who made part, we had help from new volunteers because certain parts could be made in their own shops, no matter where. Charlie Schumacher, well known for his work restoring and making furnishings for the Strater Hotel in Durango, made more new parts for Emma Sweeny than all the rest of the volunteers put together. Parts were made by volunteers in New Mexico, California, and Oregon. For the first time we even had high school wood shop students make some parts, at Durango and Bayfield. It was also the first time students in the metal shop class at San Juan College in Farmington, New Mexico. To top it off, for the first time a troop of Boy Scouts installed many of them in a special work session as part of a Eagle Scout project.



flourish emma ship

April 2016. Jeff Ellingson painted an excellent, detailed clipper ship over a full-size enlargement of a small, fuzzy picture from a poor VHS screen shot. He probably put in more detail than the movie studio artist did.

August 2015. Dave Taylor of Farmington, New Mexico, restored the S-3 straight air brake valve. The red part and pipe fitting are original. The handle works.

June 2015. The headlight has its base colors of brass and red and awaiting elk horns and artwork to complete the assembly.

May 2015. The air compressor is painted and ready for mounting.

May 2015. SJC students finished details on the gauge cluster. Holt Sheet Metal cut the panel with a water jet. Students made the rest ot the parts and assembled the cluster. Shown is one of the black snap rings that will hold the plastic lens in place over gauge faces and needles that are yet to be acquired.

141126-SJC parts-L-c

May 2015. For the green metal reverse lever SJC students machined a new aluminum latch to replace the wood latch, whose tooth was broken away. They bonded four pieces of aluminum, which Holt Sheet Metal cut into the shape of the reverse lever quadrant by its water jet, and cut square teeth, replacing the wood quadrant, whose teeth were completely gone. SJC students made the throttle arm, along with its quadrant and linkage. Holt made sheet metal levers for both handles.

141125-stack base-A-c

April 2015. Barry Stone made the 2-ft diameter stack base with 1 5/8” vertical slabs of hardwood. The bolt hole pattern didn’t match holes in the steel support structure inside the boiler, so a bolt head is buried just behind each protrusion. Charlie’s Wood bolt heads will be added later.

141129-tender spring-B-c

October 2014. Charlie Schumacher repaired the one bad tender spring. The ends, bands and rear 1-in are new. Groves make the solid wood appear as separate leaves.

140227-22-inspection plugs-C

Fall 2014. Some of the six back head and six recessed (through the boiler insulation) boiler inspection plugs, made by Charlie Schumacher.

More parts made by Charlie. At top is boiler bracket that goes next to the firebox. Below it is a pipe bracket for a sander. The various sized nuts with bolts ends are for the saddle, cylinders, boiler expansion joint, and smokebox front. The cylinders are oilers for connecting rods.

New clevis for the draw bar on the pilot. It was not on the Twentieth Century Fox drawing, but was in the movie. Using photo enlargements George Niederauer made a drawing and Charlie Schumacher constructed the parts.

November 2013. New bottom and middle rails for right side, along with several new dowels.

November 2013. New bottom rail (or threshold) for front right wall and new bottom section of inner door post with wall section. The hole is for the reach arm of the reverse lever.

October 2013. The brake gear after Charlie Schumacher repaired them with new parts, before cracks and voids were filled.

In the late summer or 2012 Charlie Schumacher made the new headlight in wood, with hinged panel on its left side to access the interior for installing a lantern and reflector. The acrylic lens is protected with paper. Don Jeter of CAL Steel donated the metal lens ring.

Dave Taylor, Farmington, New Mexico, made two pressure relief valves (snifters) for the steam chests in the summer of 2012.

In July 2012 Ken Kukuk of Los Angeles added the missing pieces to the distributing valve. It will be mounted below the cab on the right side. The pieces in red are original.

In July 2012 Ken Kukuk of Los Angeles added the missing pieces to the reducing valve. The pieces in red are original.


Howard Ray of Farmington, New Mexico, made two flag stands in the spring. Some detail work remains to be done.


The main parts of the draw bar and bracket were made by Howard Ray of Farmington, New Mexico, in the spring, and Charlie Schumacher added details this summer. The drawbar is 45 inches long.

In June 2012 Charlie Schumacher made the turret and its seven valves. The vertical valve is the main steam valve. The others supply steam to appliances: the two larger ones to the injectors, others to the turbogenerator, air compressor, lubricator, and hose for steam cleaning. The slotted bar at top is for an emergency shutoff handle that protrudes through the cab roof.

Barry Stone of Mancos, Colorado, made two of these water valve fixtures in April 2012. Only the circular part (5-inch diameter) will protrude through a hole in the front of each water leg.


The G-6 automatic brake valve recon- structed by Ken Kukuk of Los Angles in March 2012. The red part at the bottom was still on Emma Sweeny. Ken followed the studio drawing and made the handle to work, using an internal latch spring and latch to hold the handle in its different positions.


During the 2011–12 school year students at San Juan College in Farmington made the 8 1/4-inch diameter steam gauge body and two versions of the 6-inch diameter air gauge bodies.


In May 2012 Mitchell Lipska at Bayfield High School made two stanchions for the smokebox door handhold. Students will make the hand hold and end balls in the next school year.


During the 2011–12 school year at Bayfield High School, Cody Rose, Tyler Doscher, and James Lipska made the eight smokebox door lugs (two styles) and two door hinges.

During the 2011–12 school year, Lucas Sinning and Christian Vigil of Durango High School made the two safety (pop) valves.


Later in the spring Charlie Schumacher made this assembly of the water glass, which has three valves. Antique metal handles will be placed on the valve stems. Not shown are the clear plastic windows that fit in slots in the water glass body.


In the early spring Charlie Schumacher made two copies of the the injector, which will be on the left and right sides of the boiler, just inside the cab. The tall handle works, as do the two valve stems, which will get antique round metal handles.


Charlie Schumacher made the air compressor, an assembly of seven separate models, in the fall. The blue and white cylinders are sections of plastic irrigation pipe. Originally, the cylinders were made of wood staves, like a barrel. The plastic cylinders area stronger and won’t have the tendency to separate as staves would.

August 27, 2011. Charlie Schumacher, with 34 years of experience in recreating Victorian woodwork for the Strater Hotel, reconstructed the first and most challenging component in wood: the bell and its yoke. Rod Barker, owner of the Strater, and Charlie shared in donating this beautiful piece of work. Don Jeter, CAL Steel, made and donated the aluminum anti-roll bar.