2013 Locomotive Activity:

  • Finish repairing second air compressor and install it.
  • Install repaired turbo-generator.
  • Tighten air brake lines and replace piping as necessary.
  • Perform annual per FRA requirements.
  • Test locomotive before operating in excursions.  See Upcoming Events for details.

2012 Locomotive Activity:

  • Rewelded all ends of flues in the firebox.
  • Checked  journal box oil cellars for water.
  • Replaced most of the pedestal binder bolts.
  • Replaced missing part in G-6 automatic brake valve, then lapped and cleaned it.
  • Fabricated a test stand to check the operation of the G-6 brake valve.
  • Installed new glass tubes in the water glasses (gauges).
  • Installed new parts on fire door.
  • Began repairing second air compressor.
  • Repaired turbo-generator.
  • No steam up of the 315 in 2012. (Need to concentrate on gondola projects.)

2011 Locomotive Activity:

  • Replaced worn pin in left rear equalizing arm of spring rigging.
  • Replaced modern air cocks with genuine historical Westinghouse air cocks.
  • Removed second air compressor and sent it to Backshop for inspection and repair.
  • Removed turbo-generator and sent it to Backshop for inspection and repair.
  • Reproduced parts of fire door to add historical lettering and to improve durability.
  • No steam up of the 315 in 2011. (Need to concentrate on gondola projects.)

2010 Locomotive Activity:

  • Purchased rebuilt genuine Westinghouse compressor and replaced Chinese replica.
  • Replaced ‘stuffing boxes’ on the Westinghouse compressor that was already on the engine.
  • Replaced independent air gauge.
  • Repaired steam gauge.
  • Installed larger diameter air line to bell ringer.
  • Raised petticoat pipe 8 inches.
  • Replaced air cocks that were not historic vintage.
  • Installed hook to hang grate shaker bar on tender.
  • Fabricated and installed lower adjustable doors on tender doors.
  • Lapped throttle valve again.
  • Replaced lettering on tender to create historically accurate lettering.
  • Added flange oiler notice on inside of front door on engineer’s side.