Both Stock cars, double decked 5564 and single deck 5627, had much of the rotting woodwork replaced at Arboles Timberwrights, moved to Holts Sheet Metal in Durango for refitting of doors and eventually transported to Silverton in September 2015 where they stood on the transfer track. But some work still needed to be done before they could be considered ‘complete’. That included replacing some of the door hardware and lettering both cars. First job though was to replace the floors in the doorways of the double decked car 5564. On closer inspection we found that the upper floor was in good condition and so we left the orignal in place. However the lower floor had rotted badly in the door area and the boards were replaced, painted with linseed oil and the floor edges painted black to match the rest of the car.

The completed 5564 stands on our transfer siding in Silverton.

D&RGW double decked stock car 5564, rebuilt to post war standard, stands on our transfer siding in Silverton.(Photo: George Niederauer)

Originally the corners of the door frames were lined with 1/4″ angled sheet metal to protect the wood. We had three serviceable liners and had five more made up by Rusty’s Welding in Ignacio, CO. The doors were missing a number of fittinga. We found two replacements for the distinctive door handles and had patterns for the door latches I-bolts and cleats and these too were fabricated in Ignacio. 5564 was missing a grab iron, brake wheel and retainer, replacements were found in our stores. Once all the missing detail parts were fitted and painted, lettering followed.

D&RGW single deck stock in post 1926 (rebuild) paint and lettering and the cars were complete well ahead of the deadline.(Photo: George Niederauer)

D&RGW single deck stock in post 1926 (rebuild) paint and lettering.(Photo: George Niederauer)

The stock cars are now complete, photos taken and reports sent to the Colorado State Historical Fund which provided 75% of the funding.





The first of our two stock cars, 5627 has had its first coat of paint. The finish is half way between glossy and matt black and it looks great. Three more coats will follow, the first before the car is moved to Holts Sheet Metal in Durango on 6/8/15. Next, car 5564 will receive its first coat before it rejoins 5627 in Durango. If you look closely at the photos you will notice that the running boards along the top of the car have NOT been painted. The D&RGW left them untreated as, if painted, they could become very slippery when wet. We will treat them with preservative to conserve them and let nature weather the wood to a natural color.



Arboles, CO. Rapid progress has been achieved on the restoration of the Society’s two D&RGW Stock Cars, 5564 and 5627. In the space of just under three months volunteers stripped off the roofs, side and end plates together with any other woodwork found to be beyond repair from both cars. The cars were moved indoors and replacement plates, purlins, carline inserts, running boards and fascia boards together with other parts were fabricated and installed by San Jan Timberwrights. DRHS volunteers then sealed the exterior surface of both cars.




The roofs of both cars have been replaced with new wood boards and missing side slats have also been replaced. As ever, the Society is committed to retaining as much of the original wood as feasible so the original wood has been treated and filled. A section of one of the sills was found to have rotted badly so new wood was spliced in to strengthen it. New floor boards have been added to the single deck car, #5527 and while #5564 would probably benefit from the same treatment, removal of the second deck to gain access would be prohibitively expensive.

Painting of the roofs is complete and it’s time to move the cars out into the open for final assembly, painting and lettering. Both cars will be moved to Holts Sheet Metal company in Durango CO in early June for completion by DRHS volunteers.

The Stock cars form part of a number of projects currently in hand by the DRHS. Grants totaling almost $85,000.00 from the Colorado Historical Fund have made this project possible but as the funding only stretches to 75% of the cost, donations are urgently required. Once completed these cars will be transported to Silverton for display alongside the Society’s other freight cars and D&RGW locomotive #315. Please visit the Home page for details of how you can help.



D&RGW Stock cars 5564 and 5627 at Arboles. (Photo: Mark Kasprowicz)

Preparatory work on two stock cars, 5564 and 5627, started on the 16th March, the day after signing of the History Colorado State Historical Fund contract. Based on the San Juan Timberwrights site in Arboles CO, the work centered on removing wood that had decayed beyond the point of preservation and removal of the roofs. As much of the original material will be preserved as possible but in some instances, rot, mainly due to water damage, had gone so far as to require replacement of the timber. The work was carried out by DRHS volunteers. The next stage will be to move the cars under cover for San Juan Timberwrights’ craftsmen to start the restoration process. It is expected that the work will be finished by fall of this year.

Meanwhile work on the remaining two cars will commence later in the year. 04432 Outfit Bunk car and flanger OT require less work than the two stock cars and much of this work will be carried out by DRHS volunteers. 04432 is sited on private land south of Durango while OT is in Silverton.

Fundraising is underway to meet the SHF requirement of the Society providing 25% of the total cost, the SHF grant was for $85K. Look HERE for more detail and how you can help preserve these historic cars.