It is by far the very best publication on a single railway subject to ever be published. Research is truly an outstanding effort and the reproduction and illustrations are without peer. After producing some 21 hardcover railroad books myself I think you have established a new standard for such publications.
– Mallory Hope Ferrell, Peachtree City, GA

This remarkable book is perhaps the most complete account of the mechanical and operating life of a single steam locomotive to appear to date.”
— Robert A. Le Massena, Golden, CO

It is fabulous, way more than I expected. What a thorough job. Beautiful book. I was really astounded.
—Bob Brown, Los Altos, CA, Publisher, Narrow Gauge Gazette

I can’t put it down. It is awesome and easily worth 3 times the price of $80! The illustrations, diagrams, historical information, and details of the restoration are all there. …. What has really impressed me is the how it is packaged and presented. A masterpiece to treasure!
—Steve Hughes, North Bend, WA

Beautifully published. It is a well produced publi-cation, real coffee table quality combined with lotsa interesting reading.
—John West, Mill Valley CA

It is head and shoulders above many of the hundreds of railroad books I have in my collection.

Instant collectors piece. —Martin Hansen, Bend, OR

WOW! I have always considered the Rocky Mtn. Railroad Club books … to be the Gold Standard of railroad books, but this one is, I believe, a level or two above them.
—Ed Stabler, Mertzon, TX

Overall not only a great book, but, this has to be suggested – no, required – reading for any group wanting to restore a locomotive or other piece of rolling stock. I’ve been involved with several groups who have failed trying to restore a locomotive or even a car, and this book shows the way. —sirg1744

—Bob Babcock, Orange, CA

Received THE BOOK yesterday… fantastic.You did a great job putting it together (and giving credit to all the people who helped you). My love for steam locomotives has already been enhanced just by the six hours I’ve spent in the book so far.
—Delbert Oliver, Jackson, MS

The chapters on History and Technology are wonderful bookends for your meticulous and detailed text on the rehabilitation of #315. … I got it at noon at the post office and opened it up just for a minute and planned to get on with my schedule. Ha, just scanning the pages and photos, it is suddenly supper time.
—Ed Hunter, Victor, CO

Fantastic job with the 315 book. It took me two days just to thumb through the book. Great selection of photos, too, especially the historic ones.
—Ray Schmudde, Durango, CO

I did get the 315 Book. And a masterpiece of a book it is too.
—Angelo J. Vandarakis

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