D&RGW Stock cars 5564 and 5627 at Silverton CO. Fall 2015.
D&RGW Stock cars 5564 and 5627 at Silverton CO. Fall 2015. (Photo: MarkKasprowicz)

D&RGW 5627 is a single deck stock car used to transport cattle and horses, while D&RGW 5564 is a double deck car used to transport sheep and hogs. We purchased 5564 with the help of a Colorado State Historical Fund grant from Lindsay Ashby. It had been displayed at the Georgetown Loop RR and subsequently stored at the Colorado Railroad Museum.

Using its own funds the Society purchased D&RGW 5527 from private collector Randy Babcock who had bought it from the Durango and Silverton in 2009 soon after the RR stopped using it to transport horses into the Animas Valley.

Newly Restored D&RGW Stock Car in Silverton CO. Fall 2016.
Newly Restored D&RGW Stock car in Silverton CO. Fall 2016.(Photo: Mark Kasprowicz)


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