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Durango Railroad Historical Society

P.O. Box 654

Durango, Colorado 81302

Email: info@drhs315.org


Board of Directors

Scott Gibbs, President. Cell: 505-662-1574– sgibbs908@gmail.com
Jerry Hoffer, Vice President, SJCHS* Liaison. – silvrton@ekiva.net

Mark Kasprowicz, Secretary and Webmaster – mark@kaspro.net
George Niederauer, Treasurer. Cell: 970-946-9098, georgen1942@gmail.com

Tom Artzberger, Chief Mechanical Engineer. Cell: 970-731-0936– tom@taclic.biz
Dave Taylor, Cell: 505-215-3046 – dave@nmnrr.com
Dave Hibl, Cell: 303-883-8158
* San Juan County Historical Society

D&RGW Freight Cars

Durango Railroad Historical Society is comprised of a dedicated group of individuals who are united by their interest in narrow gauge railroading and focus on the preservation of southwest Colorado’s railroad history.

The Durango Railroad Historical Society is a non-profit corporation in Colorado and is a public charity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.